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Open Methane - An Open Platform for Understanding Australia's Methane Emissions

Open Methane is a free, open source platform for detecting, measuring and locating Australia's methane emissions. It employs satellite observations and environmental modelling to produce an up to date, continent-scale picture of Australia's methane emissions.

Open Methane's lead scientist is atmospheric scientist Professor Peter Rayner, formerly of the University of Melbourne School of Earth Sciences and Climate and Energy College. The project is majority-funded by The Superpower Institute.

Open Methane is currently in its public beta phase. The full version of the platform is set to launch in 2024 and will include:

  • An interactive map displaying Australia's methane emissions
  • Daily alerts for unexpected, significant methane spikes
  • Customisable location views and methane events
  • Open, accessible, and auditable data for public use

Our Mission

The mission of Open Methane is to be a world class, trustworthy platform for understanding Australia's methane emissions that will foster consensus among researchers, policy makers and industry, and provide actionable insights that drive change.

By offering a more precise representation of the country's emissions, we aim to enhance research-based understanding of methane in Australia, support industry initiatives for reducing and mitigating emissions, and contribute to informed policy discussions on meeting our obligations under the Global Methane Pledge

Open Methane aims to achieve the following goals

Foster consensus around the true state of Australia's methane emissions
Establish a national framework & commitment to reduce methane
Limit and mitigate methane emissions
Provide analysis and information to inform policy choices that accelerate Australia's zero carbon transformation

Our Team

Professor Peter Rayner
Professor Peter Rayner
Science Lead
The Superpower Institute

Professor Rayner's main research activities focus on the estimation of surface sources and sinks of CO2. He uses satellite and in-situ measurements with models to quantify and understand the patterns and mechanisms of CO2 release and uptake with a focus on the tropics and Southern Hemisphere.

In 2002, Prof Rayner was awarded the Priestley Medal of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, the major research award in this field within Australia. Prof Rayner has also worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and Princeton University in the US, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation. Monash University in Australia and the Laboratory for the Science of Climate and the Environment in France.

Peter leads a team of senior academics and developers to develop the methane emissions model for Open Methane.

Susannah Powell
Director / General Manager
The Superpower Institute
Adam Grant
Innovation Director
Scott Fairbanks
Associate Design Director
Veronica Tran
Senior Designer
Tim Devine
Executive Innovation Director

Our Approach

Data and Methodology

Ensuring an effective transition to a zero carbon economy requires transparent and accessible critical energy and emissions data. Committed to this necessity, we adhere to an Open, Accessible, Auditable Data Framework. This guarantees our data and methods remain transparent, verifiable, and readily accessible to all.

To foster a culture of openness and collective learning within the industry and methane research community, we invite review and collaboration on our data sources and open source code.

To access and see the details of our data sources and methodologies, please visit our Methodology page. Additionally, you can find our code on our GitHub repository, where we encourage contributions and feedback to continually improve and refine our approach.

Collaboration with Researchers

The Open Methane project has been developed in close partnership with the international methane research community and with input from industry, policy makers and environmental groups. As a core and founding contributor to the Australian Methane Monitoring Network, the Open Methane team is dedicated to fostering strong connections and engaging in meaningful exchanges with researchers worldwide.

We welcome and consider all research collaboration proposals, as we believe that working together is the key to unlocking new insights and driving advancements in the field.

Transparency & Accountability

Open Methane is developed under the Open, Accessible, Auditable Data (OAAD) framework. OAAD was developed by The Superpower Institute to accelerate Australia's climate energy transition.

Getting measurement right is a fundamental building block for transparent markets. The OAAD framework will ensure that critical climate and energy data is available to all, allowing industry, researchers and policy makers to better inform and improve their work.

Partnerships & Collaborators

The Open Methane project is formed and majority-funded by The Superpower Institute. The Superpower Institute's mission is to build practical knowledge required for a rapid, economically efficient and secure transition that positions Australia as a climate leader and Superpower in the low carbon world economy.

Led by Australian Economist Professor Ross Garnaut, The Superpower Institute develops knowledge for public interest on assessing, measuring, documenting, and explaining economic, technological and physical progress in building the renewable energy superpower. Learn more about the Institute, its board of directors and other funded projects at The Superpower Institute website.

The Open Methane project participates in key collaborative methane committees including: The Australian Methane Monitoring Network convened by The Superpower Institute and led by Prof Peter Rayner; and the Methane Australia Committee fortnightly meetings, convened by the Sunrise Project to work with partners including Australian Conservation Foundation, Lock the Gate, Environmental Defence Fund, Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility and Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

By sharing our ideas and progress with these groups we can build consensus on our measurements, and form strong partnerships to build in and preserve Open Methane's important role in Australia's emissions reduction goals.


If you're interested in collaborating with us or have any queries, please email us.

Australian Methane Monitoring Network

This initiative is led by Prof. Peter Rayner and convenes academic researchers and expertise in Australia to facilitate a united approach to tackling methane emissions.


The Open Methane project is funded through The Superpower Institute, and this is made possible through the generous support of various organisations and individuals, who are dedicated to supporting the climate and energy transition.

These collaborations enable Open Methane to provide ongoing, accurate and reliable data on methane emissions, ultimately driving better decision-making and more effective climate change mitigation strategies.

Get Involved

How to Contribute Data

If you have relevant data on methane emissions or would like to collaborate on research, we welcome your contributions. To submit your data or discuss potential partnerships, please visit our Methodology page or contact us by emailing: [email protected]

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